Market Focus

Agile Investments is focused on investing in residential income properties in Southwestern Ontario and select areas on the east coast of Canada. Additional target areas in North America will always be considered. Target investments will range from single family homes to larger properties up to 80 units or more.

Properties in the above mentioned areas will be targeted for their high yields along with the future economic upside potential in that geography.

Investment Criteria per geographic location:

Agile Investments will apply several strict investment criteria to all geographic locations that it chooses to invest in:

  • Stable rental markets (ideally showing decreasing vacancy rates).
  • Stable and growing housing markets.
  • Suitable overall demographic factors.
  • Positive economic upside for the city / community, based on factors such as population growth, growing industry, and stable and progressive government.

Investment criteria per property:

Agile Investments will apply several governing criteria to each and every investment property in order to have investments qualify as suitable. The criteria are as follows:

  • Highly favourable gross rent multiplier ratio (potential rent to property price). Gross rent multiplier is used to determine overall property profitability potential.
  • Ready access to skilled construction labour and property management skill sets.
  • Suitable ongoing inventory of available properties for sale.
  • Properties priced at a significant discount to comparable areas.
  • City or town must show considerable upside for property appreciation potential based on numerous factors, with limited potential downside in property price movement. (ie: Purchases made at or near bottom of the market).
  • Properties must be in highly desirable rental areas within the chosen investment cities.
  • Properties must be in close proximity to essential municipal services and amenities such as public transit, schools, shopping and more.
  • Properties must be able to deliver significant rental value versus competing rental units on the market, after any renovations.
  • The potential to purchase the properties at a value of approximately 60-70% of market value.