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Agile Investments is a privately owned investment firm focused solely on high-yield real estate investing in select areas in Canada.

Agile Investments is a newly created company designed to provide investors with superior and consistent investment yields through the acquisition and rehabilitation of stable, high-yield real estate investments in strategic real estate investment areas in Canada.

In recent years, it’s becoming resoundingly clear that the average investment portfolio is not providing consistent and stable investment returns. Furthermore, volatility in the stock markets is now at an all-time high with 3%+ daily fluctuations now relatively commonplace. While this much is clear, the exact cause is not. Analysts point to everything from high-frequency trading systems, to a newly wired world capable of acting on information and news about markets and media reports (which, when negative, often provoke fast selling).

With additional investment uncertainty brought on by a new market environment, retirement planning becomes much more difficult without safer, more consistent and higher returning investment options.

Enter Agile Investments.

Agile Investment’s investors benefit from high-yield real estate rental investments designed to outpace stock market investments and other competing investment opportunities in their consistency and investment returns.

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Agile Investments offers investments that deliver high security, predictability and exceptional performance. Based on the steady cash-flow that our highly sought after properties deliver, our investment products provide our Investors the investment consistent performance that allows them to achieve their life goals.